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Lockdown sucks!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Hello everyone, truly hope that everyone is doing well. Well, NSW Australia is in lockdown , and we're all feeling it especially small businesses but it is what it is, guys. We just have to keep going.

So my friends, I don't know where you're at where ever you are but I'm feeling ya for sure. We're all going through s..t right now, that's a fact so let's lighten up the mood for a moment and let's talk about you, about art, about what you're going through with your work, your family, your pets...yes your pets as they are a part of our family too.

So, hand on heart be honest , how are you really? Are you ok? I know that often, when asked how I am doing , I say "great" but I know that I am not that great. In fact there are underlying issues and worries on hand that I tend to ignore when asked how I'm doing. Do you do the same?

Well my friends, I want you to know that I'm with you. I know, believe me , I know how it is especially for artists whos only way of expression is through art and not everyone gets that. They see us as weird or odd but they don't realize that this is the true US, the only representation of ourselves. So I get you,

Artists are amazing people. We are so authentic, so real....too real, too emotional as some would say but you get what you see with us. There are no hidden agendas. What you see is what you get!

So let me tell you what I am feeling right now.

This bloody pandemic sucks! For real! i am trying to business here, for heavens sakes! I am angry! I am really angry and it takes a lot to make me angry! Because every thing is shut down and all I want is to work and serve my customers !

So all I can do right now, as there are no orders to support my business and pay my bills is to create art. Thats my my only go to solution to keep me sane.

I dont know how long this lockdown will last but I know and I pray that things will get back to some kind of normality soon so that we can all carry on.

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