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from one artist to another...all about expression and authenticity

so here we go, my second blog... Firstly please understand that my blogs may not be related to my business . however they will always be authentically me and what I am going through which relates to most artists .

So lets talk about authenticity and expression. Expression to me is unique to every person. It may not be artistic but nonetheless still expression. I am going to get a bit philosophical now, so pay attention.

Not every expression is authentic ( from the heart) as some come from the " ego" part of our mind. The ego is selfish and possessive. Its opinionated and self centered. I am not referring to this type of expression in this piece. I am referring to the pure expression of the soul. We all have a soul, of course, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Everything would be so much simpler if we listened to our subconscious mind, our inner, true self. The part of us that is ancient and pure,..passed down from generation to generation. It's in our genes!

Whenever when I am stuck with a decision that I have to make , I often wonder " what would a child do" and it's true, a child's mind is so pure and so simple , untarnished and it always makes perfect sense. We adults tend to complicate things so much and after that we complicate it some more without even realizing what we are doing. so, look to your inner child when ever you are stuck with as decision .

I've learned this during my studying Art Therapy. It was the most amazing experience I've ever experienced. We we're all put through a meditation and we we're asked to solve a certain task by entering into a child self state and OMG it was such a revelation.Children always have the best and simplest solutions.

I could talk about this forever as I firmly believe in the power of the inner self and the influence of the elders in our lives. The elders that have passed on many years and generations ago yet still present in our lives. Do you ever get a "feeling " an intuitive thought ? I know you do, at least sometimes. Follow that feeling! Don't disregard it as it will never lead you astray.

This is the kind of expression that I am talking about! The real expression of your soul, generations and generations of your ancestors speaking through you. Listen to them!

You don't have to be a creative artist to express yourself! You don't have to be a sculpter, an actor, a crafter, a poet or a painter! expression is expression whomever you are.

Be true to yourself. Being yourself is not really as simple as that sounds because you can never truly be yourself because you are made of many beings compiled into a " this" , "now" person but you are much more than just a person. You are a compilation of so many previous lives before you shaping you into another person who will also become a part of this never ending story called "evolution"where the mind ( soul) travels from body to body bettering and improving itself as it grows .

If you are an expressive artist reading this, you are really fortunate because expressionistic artists really have it together. And if you are not , then strive to become one. You will not regret it. People may see you as weird but don't listen to them, they are just lost looking to be found. You however are on the right track. Keep creating and expressing yourself no matter what others think or say. Be you.

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